i'm back ...

... are you ready for me?

it's true, i'm still in this nebulous, indescribable funk of funks. it's just a web of burden related to time (or lack thereof), self-doubt, misdirection, and missed connections. i hadn't taken a photo (of anything) since my last post. i've hardly been in the kitchen. i didn't even browse online. and you know what? i was still in a funk! so then i had the epiphany that baking and blogging was surely not a cause of my funk, and if anything, it was a happy distraction that i was sorely missing.

so i'm back. and let me begin with something that is way over due. lovely farida of the beautiful blog farida's azerbaijani cookbook passed along the "yummy blog award" to me back in may and what an honor! i was supposed to list my 5 favorite desserts i prepared. going down memory lane, here are my faves, in no particular order:

almond-mocha roulade
bill's big carrot (cup)cake
best brownie ever (tied with the lovely flying hearts)
chocolate hazelnut biscotti
passover fruit tart
chocolate macarons

(haha, okay that was technically 7 and if i don't stop now i'll end up listing all of them as faves!)

and drumroll please for the next 3 blogs i am passing along this yummy blog award to. i have a growing list of favorite blogs i make sure to read, and these are the more recent ones i have found:

stephanie from a whisk and a spoon
melody at my sweet and saucy
kid diva with the sugar bar

congrats and a toast! here's to many more days and years of beautiful blogging!


  1. good to have you back! and thanks for the yummy award!

  2. Thanks so much for the award! Can't wait to read your upcoming posts!

  3. cheers for the award. i'm well touched :) will have to look through the posts for this...

    love your fav desserts...they're impressive and gorgeous ;) x

  4. Good to see you're back! Congrats on the award and boy does that chocolate hazelnut biscotti sound yummy!

  5. Anonymous28/6/08 14:03

    You absolutely deserved the award!
    Off to check your yummies:)

  6. Congrats!!! So glad you're back!!! I checked everyday to see if you were back and here you are. Hope you're feeling better. Some time you just have forget the funk and keep moving forward.